Blog Post 8

Shepherd University’s football team uses the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook. They post score updates, articles of players, recaps, live videos, and any other article or recap about the other sports at the university. This is very beneficial because they have a very large fan base and a large portion of the fans cannot make it to games because they aren’t from the area.

Shepherd can benefit by making a master athletics account. The individual sports have their own accounts but I couldn’t find a master athletics account. This can be very beneficial because the followers of each individual sport will follow the main account. By combining all of the sports’ followers, the media can reach a larger crowd. Along with more engagement, the more followers means that more people will see stuff from more sports allowing them to connect with the university as a whole compared to just being a football fan.

Blog Post 7

The Pittsburgh penguins have many sponsorships and partners ranging from Coors Light, Jim Beam, all the way to Highmark. Highmark is a health insurance company that has a kid’s zone at the Penguins home arena, PPG Paints Arena. The Highmark kid’s zone is a part of the arena that is used on gamedays for kids and can also be rented out on non-gamedays. This suite or room really displays the goodwill sponsorship within the organization.

Bleacher Report’s Alison Myers highlighted the Highmark Kid’s Zone as one of the things to love about what was formerly know as the Consol Energy Center. The Highmark Kid’s Zone has many interactive features for kids including one feature where they can pretend to be their favorite Penguins player. This interactive feature really creates a relationship and bond between the team and the fans. This feature is an amazing opportunity because the kids and families can share the experience with the world. They can post the pictures on social media, which will attract more fans, or will put the arena’s features in good light to the world.

Marketing the Five Senses

The five senses are very important for brands to appeal to during the marketing and retail stages. The five senses trigger a customer’s interest in the product. The first sense is feel; if a customer tries on a pair of shoes, they look for comfort. That feeling or comfort needs to be consistent with everything in the brand. The next sense is visual, the brand needs to put out a good looking product that is appealing to the eye. That is the most focused on sense by customers. They will buy a good looking pair of shoes even if they aren’t the most comfortable. Next is smell; everybody loves that new car smell. It not only adds to the experience, but it is almost always expected. Marketers often advertise on the situation of trading your old car in and getting a new one; they speak on “experiencing that new car smell.” Hearing is the fourth sense we will cover; this can be anything from a jingle to the sound of the engine in a new car. Customers will remember a jingle and will think the product or company. Lastly we cover taste, marketers can use the taste of your favorite food at your favorite restaurant or describe the taste of your favorite beer.

WVWC can definitely use sensory branding to get students and the community involved and attending games. Radio or social media ads can be made using the sounds from a football or basketball game when the crowd is loud during an intense situation. People will hear how good the atmosphere s and they will want to be apart of it next time. Another option is to use highlight videos or slideshows of pictures from the games. It will show how the atmosphere can get when people attend games. If the students and community can experience or see intense games can be, they will want to partake.

Above is the link to Evan Brown’s blog post that explains the five senses in the marketing field.

Sport Marketing With Millennials

This video is from the American Marketing Association and features Michael Grahl who is the Vice President of Digital Platforms for the Milwaukee Bucks. He speaks about marketing to Millennials and how they are making change to help themselves hit their target audience. They started to use the youth of the team to connect with the younger crowd. They also use social media to connect with the fans. They claimed that selfies are the new autographs, so at fan days the players take pictures with the fans so that they post the pictures on social media. At that point, the picture is shared and liked by many people.

A couple of things we can use here at Wesleyan would be to use new social media features such as the live videos on Facebook and Instagram. If we live stream the games, it allows fans to feel connected to the game if they can’t make it. Another thing we can use here at Wesleyan is to have a media day for athletics. Get all the sports teams together to meet and greet in the community. It will allow people in town to meet and connect with the athletes so they might come to a few more games since they have a personal connection with players and teams. Along with people in town, students can get connected with the athletic teams which will hopefully attract them to come to more games as well.

-Cody Gibson

Week 4

This week we have to compare two advertisements from a sports organization. I chose to use two Pittsburgh Steelers promotions. The first promotion is for a fan club that offers rewards to fans after they join and interact with the organization. Tickets can be cheaper, score benefits on gear, and things like that. That shows the state-of-being that attracts younger aged people, or retired people who have more time to join the fan club and go to a lot of games every season. Along with that, it benefits the single/not married demographic that has more money to spend on the organization. The state-of-mind is for people who are dedicated fans and are willing to spend money on the organization. The second ad promotes Ford trucks through the Steelers; this is an example of marketing through sport. The demographic that this aims for is the middle-age to retired people who have higher income levels that would be willing to buy a new truck. The hardcore fans might buy Ford over competitors just because of the sponsorship. These ads communicate well to the intended audiences. They chose the right demographics to target and get a positive result in return.

Cody Gibson

Week 3 post

The commercial I chose is a Nike football cleat commercial. They promote three different models of cleats being worn by three NFL players. They show each player training in their cleats and they have a voice over of the players describing what they want in a pair of cleats. The music we hear is a motivating tune; it has a serious feel to it and makes us feel like we are watching something very important.

I played football my whole life so I’ve always had a connection with commercials about football gear. I remembered the selection process for me when it came time to buy a new pair of cleats. I was always really picky when it came to my cleats; they had to be the perfect fit for me. Nike does a great job promoting their products in commercials like the one I chose. Their products can be extremely pricey but they are always the most bought and most popular cleats. People look past the price because they just really want a pair.

The internal factor that is being targeted are self image. The football players that will be buying the cleats have a swagger about them and know what they want in a cleat style wise, and performance wise. The players have an image of themselves that they want to put out. If they like the products they will boost their self image, allowing them to perform at their best.

An external factor would be social influences. If all of their favorite college and NFL players are wearing the cleats, they will be more likely to buy them so they can be like the people they look up to. Also if all of their friends are buying Nike cleats, they will see them and want to be like their friends. The athletes featured in the commercial have large fan bases, so they influence their fans.

Nike did a great job with this commercial, they targeted something that all players go through; it shows what all goes into deciding which cleat to buy. This is by far the best commercial for cleats I have ever seen. I connected to it, it reminded me of the process I went through all the time. Players will watch this commercial and be able to connect to it and it will make them really want to buy a pair of Nike cleats for the upcoming season.

Week 2

In sports marketing class this week we watched the Jerry Rice Popeye’s chicken commercial. This commercial has been in the media saying that it is extremely racist and that even Jerry Rice should be ashamed for being in it. To me this whole commercial is a big goof, a parody making fun of Jerry Rice. The one part of the commercial shows Jerry Rice trying to catch a football thrown at him and he fumbles it around at first before awkwardly catching it. Jerry Rice is one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game of football; if he is going to struggle catching an easy toss, then obviously it’s a joke.

People are taking this commercial the wrong way. People are saying that stereotypes are being shown and that Popeye’s and Jerry Rice should be ashamed for making the commercial. They used one of the all-time football greats to appeal to the sports fans in their target markets. They used other marketing techniques such as trying to make a humorous plot to appeal to younger audiences. Every aspect in the commercial was used to promote and sell a great product from a great company.

Things like this happen all of the time in the marketing world. Sports marketers make every kind of promotion; funny, serious, happy, you name it. They try to show that the athletes or the mascots aren’t just on-field athletes, but are people that fans can connect with and like. This kind of stuff helps expand fan bases and show that fans can interact with them. It’s hard for marketers to do their jobs when controversies arise around innocent commercials like this.


My name is Cody Gibson, I am a senior at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I will graduate with a Business Management degree in May. When I graduate from Wesleyan I plan on becoming a graduate assistant and earning my master’s degree. After I GA, I want to become a college football coach. I played football my entire life and now I want to make a career out of it. I came to Wesleyan to play football but I had a career ending back injury.